WSO2 Updates is the newest tool introduced by WSO2 to Update product packs. The customer will receive fixes for possible security weaknesses and software enhancements and much more by using WSO2 Updates 2.0. This model surpasses the WUM and In-Place tool that was used by customers to update their product…

I was assigned to complete WSO2 Pipeline documentation a few months back, I started doing the documentation in confluence and here are some tips and suggestions I’ve gathered over time.

  • Know your audience — refrain using technical jargon at all times and keep your sentences easy to understand.
  • Keep the…

why? what? and basic questions answered about the configuration tool

This is the first blog of a series of blogs, giving the reader a complete understanding of the configuration tool and how important it is to increase efficiency and upheave business value to the company

In this article we will discuss the following topics:

  • what is a configuration tool ?

Chamindi Abayadeera

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